Belize Botanic Gardens’ Shuttle

Belize Botanic Gardens’ Shuttle leaves San Ignacio Town every day at 9am and returns at 11:30am. Afternoon shuttle leaves town at 1pm and returns at 4pm. This gives you time for a morning or afternoon tour. You can also come in the morning and spend the day enjoying the gardens and walking down to the Macal River for a swim.

The cost is for the Belize Botanic Gardens Shuttle is only $15bz for a round trip. Let us know the night before for the morning ride or give us at least 2 hours’ notice to come in the afternoon.

Private shuttle anytime for $40 bz each way.

If you’re with a tour guide be sure and ask him or her to bring your group to the gardens.

If you want to book a special event like tamales making with a tour of the medicine trail or a guided tour followed by tea featuring goodies made with local ingredients, let us know. We need a minimum of 4 people for these and 48 hours notice.

Oh, and did I mention that there have been nearly 300 bird species counted in or near the gardens? So it’s also a great place for birders. Bring your own guide or ask our guide to point out birds as you tour the gardens.

Call or text 671-3322 to book and have your questions answered

Stop for a moment on BBG’s Rainforest Trail and reflect on the beauties of nature.

Stay at Belize Botanic Gardens

These visitors have just returned from the medicine trail to eat the tamales they made earlier.

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