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a Botanical Garden in Belize, Belize Botanic Gardens

News From Belize Botanic Gardens 

Belize Botanic Gardens is the largest botanical  garden in Belize.  BBG was opened  to the public in 1997.  Cleared farmland as late as 1993, our garden now extensive collections of native and exotic plants and trees.

One of our many features is a traditional Maya House where groups can arrange to make tamales over a wood fire.  Let one of our experienced guides show you  Belize Botanic Gardens’  Maya Medicine Trail.   This trail features many native medicinal and useful plants.

A Story From A Botanical Garden in Belize:

Once there was a young boy whose father told him to stay whose elderly grandfather was a learned medicine man.  The boy’s father sent him to stay with his grandfather to learn about the forest.  So the boy went to stay with his grandfather.  Every day they would walk in the forest and study the trees and plants so the boy could learn.

Maya House
Traditional Maya House At Belize Botanic Gardens, a Botanical Garden in Belize


One day the  grandfather told the boy to go to the forest  and bring him back a plant that was not useful.  He was gone for several days and finally came back feeling defeated.  “I could not find this plant, Grandfather,” he said.  “I am very sorry because I know that you will not be here long and I feel that I have failed you.”

“No, No, my boy,” the grandfather said, “It is because you have learned well and  now know that every plant in the forest has its use.”

Other Features:  Nursery, Trails, and More

In addition to the Maya House and Medicine Trail, Belize Botanic Gardens contains many other features.  Among these features are a Native Orchid House, Palm Area and Cycad Circle.  There is a tea trail where you can (by reservation) sample teas made from plants grown on the trail.  Also featured is a rainforest trail and a tower which overlooks the gardens.
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wildlife in Belize – Belize Botanic Gardens


Wildlife in Belize Is Not Just Animals

You may find that Belize is quite different than what you may be used to. You will delight in learning about  in climate, language, culture, people and even insects unique to the area. There is an amazing variety of wildlife in Belize and, hopefully, you will see some of it while you are here.

Some will be unfazed by the sudden early am chortle (ruckus) of Chachalacas (aka: bush chickens) just outside their window or ants in their deodorant stick (keep containers and zippers closed). Look for leaf cutter ants  (wee-wee ants) marching in single file along a trail and disappearing  into the jungle with their “leaf of the day”.

Leaf-cutter aka wee wee ants
tiny but important Wildlife in Belize, these leaf-cutter ants can wipe out a small bush in less than a day

Others may run screaming  at the merest glimpse of a tarantula. (No need; they don’t bite and are deaf)

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Study Abroad in Belize at Belize Botanic Gardens

Want to Study Abroad in Belize?

Where else besides Belize Botanic Gardens can you absorb so much that nature has to offer?   Let nature be your inspiration by allowing you to get  up close and personal to hundreds of native and exotic plants.  Use this opportunity to take advantage of the  many opportunities for study abroad in Belize at BBG.     Additionally, we can assist in planning your complete  Belize  experience.  Our knowedgeable staff is ready to  offer assistance to professors leading groups and to iindividual interns and volunteers.

Besides all of the opportunities for plant studies, there is  the opportunity to observe Belize’s Black Howler Monkeys, called Baboons in Belize.  Robin Brockett, who has been studying these primates in Belize for 20 years lives on-site and is available for field lectures.  You will have the opportunity to follow these monkeys and learn about their habitats and habits. 

Invitation to Come to Belize Botanic Gardens

At the same time, we would like to  invite Professors, University travel departments and students to contact us for information .  Let our  knowledgeable staff assist with your plans.  

Belize Botanic Gardens has been hosting student groups since 1997.  We have also been conducting horticulture classes since 2012.  Although Covid-19 caused us to suspend study abroad activities for 2020 and 2021, we are again ready to work with you again.

Accommodations are on the grounds of Belize Botanic Gardens, giving students the opportunity to pursue their studies at any time.  Simple local meals are served in our Visitor Center which also serves as a classroom.  Stay in our affordable, comfortable 16-bed Guest House. 

Students often help prepare meals and make use of many of the edible plants grown in the gardens.  Food foraging is a favorite activity.  

Our staff is familiar with native plants and our exotic collections and are there to help you as needed.  Learn about medicinal plants used for centuries and nutritional  and medicinal values of many tropical fruits.

We can help plan your full itinerary in Belize including  field trips to other areas.   Book now for your upcoming Study Abroad in Belize experience.
Students learning to make tamales