A Learning Vacation In Belize Can Be Fun!


Learning Vacation in Belize

Where else besides Belize Botanic Gardens can you absorb so much that nature has to offer?   Be inspired by getting up close and personal to hundreds of native and exotic plants. A Learning Vacation ati Belize Botanic Gardens will open your mind and your eyes to so much.  Let u arrange an unforgettable itinerary of any length for your class, your family or other group.

Belize Botanic Garden is a great place for Educational Travel.  We started hosting International Students at our lodge in 1995 and now have a place for students located within the garden grounds. This means that you can wonder around the 45 acres that comprise our gardens any time, day or night, absorbing the sights, smells and sounds of your surroundings or working on a project on your own or with your class.

A Traditional Maya Day at Belize Botanic  Gardens  includes a tour of our medicine tral, a talk on medicinal plants, making  brooms from palm fronds.  Afterwards, make tamales to cook on a wood-fired fogon for a delicious lunch.





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