Cost to Visit Belize Botanic Gardens

Belize Botanic Gardens is a great place to spend a few hours or an entire day. So, What does it cost to visit Belize Botanic Gardens? There is a lot of misinformation out there. This is the official version so if you have read something somewhere else, it may be incorrect. While we would love to be able to let everyone in free, our staff likes getting paid.

You will find our guided tours to be informative and fun and well worth the Bz$30 cost (US$15). If you want to wander about on your own, it’s just Bz$15 and you can take as long as you like. We are located 10 miles outside of San Ignacio Town. Local Tour Guides know us as do Taxi Drivers from San Ignacio. If you want to spend the day, you can ride out with our staff in the morning (6am, returns at 4pm, no charge). Or call us and we will pick you up (Bz$50).


There’s a lot to see at Belize Botanic Gardens. Our Plants of the Maya Medicine Trail includes a traditional-style Maya House, constructed of plants sustainably harvested from the property. And, you can book a Tamale Making experience for your group of 4 or more. Or try a tea tour where you get to sample teas from some of the plants you have learned about on your tour. And more. There’s the Orchid House, the Rainforest Trail, the Palm Area, Zinziber Alley.

The Gardens and our extensive nursery are open from 7am to 4pm daily.
Contact us to find out about discounts for groups or staying with us.

So, to answer the question: What does it cost to visit Belize Botanic Gardens? The answer is: Very little considering what you will see and learn!

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