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Study Abroad in Belize at Belize Botanic Gardens

Want to Study Abroad in Belize?

Where else besides Belize Botanic Gardens  (BBG) can you learn so much about nature’s flora and fauna in a living lab?  Set in 45 acres in Western Belize,  BBG is surrounded by tropical forest.  Just a five-minute walk takes you to the Macal River where you can cool off on a hot day.  Be inspired by nature and get  up close and personal to the hundreds of native and exotic plants found here.   With  unlimited access to the gardens you will have plenty of time to explore. 

About Belize

In addition to it’s amazing biodiversity, Belize has a rich history of cultural diversity. The ancient Maya Cities of Xunantunich and Cahal Pech are nearby and Caracol is within visiting distance.  These, as well as other sites,  are easily explored from BBG

Welcome to Belize Botanic Gardens

Student groups have been visiting BBG since 1997 and in 2012 we started teaching horticulture classes.  Our experience is what will provide you with a unique learning opportunity.  Let us help you plan your trip to Belize.  We will be happy to consider your learning goals and budget. 

Eating and Sleeping

Best of all, you can stay right on the BBG grounds.  Accommodations are in our affordable 16-bed, 4-bathroom guest house.  Meals are served in the nearby Visitors’ Center which also serves as a classroom.  Here’s where you can get online.  You might want to do some research with “real” books.  In that case, you can access our large botanical library.

Student Accommodations at Belize Botanic Gardens

Fun Learning Activities

Try some of our fun learning activities while you are here.   Foraging for edible plants is a favorite. And while you are here you can  help prepare meals from what you find on the grounds.   We won’t let you eat anything poisonous so you don’t have to worry!   You might want  to learn about Maya Medicinal Plants.    Or  maybe the medicinal and nutritional values of some of the little-known fruits and other plants found here, or both.  How about a guided bird walk with our experienced guide?  Or help us with one of our projects?

Monkeys In The Wild

You can join our  Howler Monkey expert and follow a resident troupe to learn about  their habits and habitats.  Belize Botanic Gardens now hosts 2 resident troops of Howlers with a new baby born in July, 2023.  Our original old boy, George, the first monkey to make his permanent residence in the gardens, still lives here and hangs around on his own.   Birds, butterflies, insects, amphibians as well as animals small and large abound.

Learn Horticulture Techniques

And don’t forget to  sign up for one or some  of our horticulture workshops where you will learn organic methods.  This is because BBG is one of the few totally organic Botanic Gardens in the world!

Plan Your Trip Now

We can help plan your full itinerary in Belize including  field trips to other areas.   Just Click here to Book  and your upcoming Study Abroad in Belize experience can become a reality.

Students learning to make tamales


Take a look at Belize Botanic Gardens Photo Gallery. This will give you an idea of what we’re all about; however, you can’t depend on photos to really know. The thing to do is to visit us.

Here you can walk our many trails on your own or with one of our knowledgeable guides. Learn about why our native plants are important. Check out the Maya Medicine Trail and sample some teas made from “bush” plants at Belize Botanic Gardens.

Join us for a tamale making experience and make your own lunch Maya-style.

Or just spend the day wandering around the gardens, having a picnic by the pergola or maybe under the bamboo tunnel. You could climb the tower and enjoy your lunch while looking out over the gardens.

Belize Botanic Gardens is home to around 300 species of birds so don’t forget to bring your binoculars.

You can stay with in our comfortable Guest House or rent the “Blue House” for your Belize Vacation. With access to lots of nearby points of interest, you can’t go wrong. And where else can you stay right in a Botanic Garden and wander the grounds any time you want?