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Belize Adventure Tours – Combinations

If  you’ve never experienced the thrill of a Zip-lining Adventure, you have 2 Options in the Cayo District, either of which you can combine with other same-day activities at duPlooy’s.  This is one of the Belize Adventure Tours that can be enjoyed by the entire family

At Caves Branch, you can Zip-line first and then take a hike.  Walk through the forest for about a half hour, toting your innertube in hand. Now hop on your tube and float down the Cave’s Branch River.  Make sure you’re tall enough – 4 ft.  If you’re not there is still a tubing opportunity on the Macal River at duPlooy’s.   See Zip-lining  & Cave Tubing.

At Barton Creek, you can canoe through the cave and afterwards head on out to Calico Jack’s for Zip-lining.  After a picnic lunch you have the option to visit Green Hills Butterfly Ranch or  swim in the cascades of Big Rock Falls in the Mountain Pine Ridge. 

This is one of the many Belize Adveture Tours offered by duPlooy’s.  If you are using our “Create Your Own Vacation” Package, you get choose from a full day tour or one of our combination Tours each of your non-transfer days.

Zip-lining at Calico Jacks – Image Gallery

Cave Canoeing at Barton Creek

Cave Canoeing at Barton Creek Cave
Entrance to  Barton Creek Cave

Green Hills Butterfly Ranch

Home to countless numbers of Belize’s butterflies and a look into the life cycle of butterflies, Green Hills Butterfly Ranch is right on the way and well worth the price of admission.

Glass wing butterfly
Glass wing butterfly at Green Hills Butterfly Ranch

 Big Rock Falls

Big Rock Falls
Swimming in the cascades of Big Rock Falls

Imagine sliding down cascading rocks, standing under a tropical waterfall and cooling off in a cool rocky pool.  Complete your day’s adventure with a stop here.

A word about duPlooy’s Combination Adventues:  Remember that you can only choose 2 activities that are in the same vicinity.  This will be difficult.  That’s why we say “make sure you stay long enough”.  Then you’ll have time to see it all.

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