Wildlife in Belize

Wildlife in Belize – duPlooy’s Jungle Lodge


Come to duPlooy’s deck around 6-6:30 almost any evening and you will meet our Kinkajou visitors.  Sometimes there are several and sometimes only one.  Even if you’re not staying with us, you are welcome to join us for a drink and/or dinner on our deck.

Chachalacas and Other Creatures

You may find that Belize is quite different than what you may be used to, providing changes in climate, language, culture, people and even insects to discover and in which to delight.

Some will be unfazed by the sudden early am chortle (ruckus) of Chachalacas (aka: bush chickens) just outside their window or ants in their deodorant stick (keep containers and zippers closed) or more likely marching in single file down a sidewalk and disappearing off into the jungle with their “leaf of the day”.

Leaf-cutter aka wee wee ants
tiny but important Wildlife in Belize, these leaf-cutter ants can wipe out a small bush in less than a day

Others may run screaming from their room at the merest glimpse of a tarantula. (No need; they don’t bite and are deaf)

caterpillar photographed by a recent guest
caterpillar photographed by a recent guest

All kidding aside -there are lots of unusual looking insects and small  animals to be seen around duPlooy’s, the Botanic Gardens and the extensive trail system that encompasses our 100 acre nature reserve.

Recently there have  been several recent sightings of coatamundis in the gardens, along with foxes and others.

Most of the larger mammals that make up Wildlife in Belize are rarely seen.  We have had visits from Tapir, Puma, Jaguarundi, Tayra and more, even including Jaguar Tracks on our Macal River Beach. Most of these animals are nocturnal and very shy and not likely to show themselves to us.

I can tell you that when a Visitor who has been here for only a few days reports Wildlife in Belize that I have never seen in my more than 20 years in Belize. This makes me very jealous!

All of these animals live at the Belize Zoo, so be sure and stop there on the way to or from duPlooy’s if you have the time.


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