A Learning Vacation In Belize Can Be Fun


Learning Vacation in Belize

Where else besides Belize can you absorb so much that nature has to offer?   Be inspired by ancient Mayan temples? Learn about many cultures? View spectacular marine life? And that’s just the beginning! A Learning Vacation in Belize will open your mind and your eyes to so much.  Let duPlooy Travel arrange an unforgettable itinerary of any length for your class, your family or other group.

Sheryl St. Germain
Cheryl St. Germaine fearless leader for Chatham’s Learning Vacation in Belize

Belize is a great place for Educational Travel.  Since  1995,
Chatham College from Pittsburgh, Pa. , has been visiting duPlooy’s, combining classwork with fun.   This year  24 students led by Professor Sheryl St. Germaine had a fun learning vacation.

Boat on SWC
Sunset Journalling on South Water Caye

Starting with 3 nights on South Water Caye they snorkeled, swam and wrote – and wrote.  After a night in Dangriga, it was off  to Cayo and duPlooy’s Jungle Lodge.   For the next 10 days they visited Barton Creek Cave, the Mountain Pine Ridge, the Community Baboon Sanctuary and Belize Zoo.

So Which Way Do We Go Anyway?

Canoeing down the Macal River to  San Ignacio they visited the local Saturday market.  Also included was a visit to an iguana conservation project at the San Ignacio Hotel.

A Traditional Maya Day at Belize Botanic  Gardens  included a talk on medicinal plants, making  brooms from palm fronds.  Later they cooked their lunch of tamales and tortillas on the fogon at duPlooy’s.

Patting Out a Flour Tortilla is part of a learning vacation

Evening talks by a local woman writer and a bird conservation organization.  Two overnights in Guatemala and a  day off to absorb everything brought them to the end of their duPlooy stay.  They left with journals full of writing material for future endeavors.

Chatham Students Pose on Temple Steps