What’s Happening at duPlooy’s

What’s Happening at duPlooy’s?

We’d like to say Thanks

We really do appreciate the great reviews, however good reviews don’t make us complacent, they only make us want to work even harder to make your vacation in Belize the most memorable ever.

This is what’s happening at duPlooy’s Jungle Lodge

Of course, we love it when you had a good enough time to make a second or even multiple visits or check our website to find out what’s happening at duPlooy’s.  It’s fun when people who may have honeymooned here bring their children to visit.  When we lived in South Carolina – 27 years ago I owned a small pre-school.  One of the children who attended my school was married here.  If you have a story about your visit – or visits – to duPlooy’s, write and tell us about it.  We also invite you to share photos, old or new, on our facebook pages

If you’d like to learn how to make tortillas, ask in the diningroom

I’ve noticed a number of people taking photos of the Mayan Warrior who guards our bar.

Mayan warrior carving
Mayan warrior carving

It’s also great to see more people doing the hike to Xunantunich. Ron and I did it and it took about an hour and a half each way. We concluded that that you really do need a guide because there are several place along the trail where a number paths cross and if you don’t already know the way, you may find yourself wandering off in the wrong direction, as we did.

grab an inner-tube
grab an inner-tube (anytime)

A very popular in-house (any-time) activity is simply to grab an inner-tube and float for 20 or so minutes down-river to duPlooy’s beach.

If you’re not too exhausted from your activities, take some time to enjoy the grounds.  Walk the trails, hang around on our Macal River Beach. sip a Belikin on the deck.

Relax with a cold Belizean Beer
Relax with a cold Belzean Beer

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