Flights to Cayo District

Tropic Air  flies several times a day to nearby Maya Flats airstrip from all points in Belize.  It saves a lot of time to fly,  particularly if you are staying at duPlooy'; we are only 3 miles away.

If you have the time we suggest you travel by road at least one way so that you can see where you are going; you will also have the opportunity to stop at the Belize Zoo on the way to or from duPlooy’s by road.

Add $60 per person each way to  a  “Create Your Own Vacation” package if you want to fly one-way.

Flight schedule for Maya Flats Air Strip

Destination: Maya Flats

Departure Arrival (BZE)
07:00 07:20
12:45 13:20

Departs: Belize International Airport (BZE)

Departure Arrival (Cayo)
11:50 12:40
15:05 15:40
16:40 17:00