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 Return Visitors Reward Program

duPlooy’s Jungle Lodge has many return visitors including friends of previous guests and this year has been no exception. Among our return visitors were Gene and Kathy Prigge for the 25th time and Peter and Ruth Race and Lucy Gatchell for the 14th time; as well as a number of former guests who had been at duPlooy’s awhile back as honeymooners and who have now returned with their families.

This made me think that I would like do something to thank all these folks who recommend a Belize Vacation at duPlooy’s to their friends as well as returning to visit us.

So here’s the Free Vacation Offer.  When you send your friends to stay with us, you receive a credit toward your next visit, amounting to 10% of their bill. So send enough people and you can stay for free.

Here’s How it Works

Fill out the form below letting us know when you stayed at duPlooy’s – you must have been here for 3 or more nights – Include the names of your friends and we will give you a credit  of 10% of  the package cost of your friends bill, toward your next stay at duPlooy’s.

Credits can be used at any time to pay for an entire visit or part of your next one.  * Credits do not include bar bills, taxes or gratuities or bank charges.

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