Day Trip to Flores

Recently, Ron, my duPlooy Travel partner and I went to Flores, Guatemala for the day to look for some items for the duPlooy restaurant.

This small island community, located on Lake Petén Itzá, is accessed by a causeway which connects Flores to the busy town of Santa Elena, where you will find a thriving and sprawling market place, which winds its way, sometimes chaotically, through back streets, where everything from live chickens to lingerie is sold.

Santa Elena


Isla de Flores

After picking up a few local craft items like hand-made bread baskets and candles, we climbed in one of the, always nearby, 3 wheel taxis (Tuc-Tucs) for the 10 Q or US $1.25 passage for 2 persons to ride into Flores.

We were “ready for eat” as they say in Belize and after a short walk around the d lake side walk-way, we chose one of the many charming lake front restaurants, for a leisurely lunch, before the drive back to Belize.

We were looking forward to sampling White Fish, a featured dish on Flores menus, caught on the far side Lake Petén Itzá. However, while mulling over which size fish to order Medium, Large or Super, our wait-person brought to our attention the lunch Special of the Day ” Langosto colitos” or Lobster Tails.

Three good-sized grilled lobster tails, served with salad, steamed potatoes and plenty of homemade corn tortillas, and an accompanying garlic dipping sauce, along with a couple of local beers, was a perfect way to end a busy day at the market.

Eating in Flores is not expensive for what you get.
Our guacamole appetizer, 2 lobster dinners, 2 beers and a blended sorrel drink came to Q 290 or about US $38.

Dining Tip
This goes for both Belize and Guatemala. If you don’t say how you want your fish your wait-person will assume the you want it whole. If you don’t like your fish with its head still attached, order a filet.

Also  if you order “Fish Sandwich instead of Fish Burger, you will most likely be served  fish between 2 slices of bread.

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