Belize Botanic Gardens – A Botanic Garden in Belize


Belize Botanic Gardens – A Botanic Garden in Belize,  (BBG), a nonprofit organization, is comprised of 45 acres of gardens, arboretum and natural areas in the Cayo District. As part of our mission, the main focus of our collections is native plants of Belize with emphasis on endemics (known only to live in their country of origin), though we include exotic, non-invasive plant species.

Area students are frequent visitors to the garden
Students are frequent visitors to the garden

It takes 10 full-time employees conducting a multitude of jobs, with the help of volunteers, to keep Belize Botanic Gardens running.  With a much smaller staff than most gardens, our staff is constantly called upon to multi-task.  Everyone on the staff is a top-notch garden guide who also may also double  as gardener, grounds-keeper, collections keeper, driver, etc.

Support and donations from visitors and loyal plant lovers as well as grants  help us reach our project goals and annual budget.  For a small fee you can volunteer which is a big help to us since we are located in a remote corner of Belize making it difficult for volunteers to help on a daily basis.  Volunteering at Belize Botanic Gardens offers the opportunity to not only see how our garden works, but time to get to know the staff and  visit other places in the area.

BBG offer classes in horticulture and Bird and Plant ID as well as workshops on Flower Arrangement, Composting, Propagation and more.  Ask us about a custom course or workshop for your group.

BBG is a long-standing member of BGCI, an organization of Botanic Gardens that provides support for gardens world-wide.

You can sponsor  Belizean student in our gardeners’ training program for only $800.  This is a 10-week intensive skills training which has resulted in more than 70% of our students gaining employment or starting their own businesses. For information, email

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