Cancun to Belize by Bus

We often get questions about how to travel by bus to Belize from Cancun.
While there is a lot of information available, we thought the following information would be helpful.

Mexican customs are slightly different then the restrictions fliers face in America.  A simple red light / green light button process occurs to determine if tourist’s bags are to be searched or not.  Not sure what the rate of searches are, however I can assure you that when they do search your bag it is rather extensive.

Make sure to indicate on your form that you are IN TRANSIT to Belize when they ask you where your destination is.

Exiting the Airport
Once clearing customs, about 50 different taxi drivers are going to ask you if you need a ride.  Politely refuse, and continue walking through the terminal. It is not necessary to change your US money into pesos unless you are planning on staying in Mexico for awhile. The ADO bus ticket counter will take your US dollars and give you change in Pesos. The counter is located to the right of the international terminal about 75 yards, just ask one of the many people trying to sell you a taxi ride… where is the ADO bus is if you get confused.  Everyone speaks English at the airport.

All of your tickets can be purchased at the airport. ADO  provides direct connections from the Cancun Bus Terminal to Corozol, Orange Walk or Belize City departing once nightly .  This bus leaves the Cancun Bus Terminal at 10:30pm and travels overnight, arriving in Belize City when the sun rises at 6am.

Make sure your flight arrives later in the afternoon if you plan on taking this trip, otherwise you will be stuck at the bus terminal all day.  The bus arrives in the Belize City bus terminal where you can connect anywhere in the country.

Crossing the Border
When leaving Mexico by bus or taxi, you will be asked to get out and see a man in a small booth on the right in order to get your passport stamped. He will ask you for 200 pesos as a departure fee. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PAY THIS FEE if you your stay in Mexico was less then 7 days! . Just tell him you are IN TRANSIT and give him your customs form from the airport.

The bus or taxi will then take you to the Belize border. There you have to take your bags to go through customs again. Most visas are 15 days, unless you ask for 30 days. I have seen buses leave paid customers behind at the border for taking too long, so make sure to stay in site of the rest oft the bus passengers.