Flour Camp Cave

With Horseback Riding & Canoeing

Riding to Flour Camp Cave – Negro Man Farm

The ride to  Flour Camp Cave and  Xunantunich, from duPlooy’s,  follow the same trail for the first 30 minutes, at which point the trail to Flour Camp forks and continues on for another 30 minutes through the picturesque fields and orchards of Negro Man Farm, before reaching an unmarked foot-path, which leads directly up to the cave.

After dismounting, its a 30 minute uphill hike to the caves entrance. The cave is filed with Mayan pottery shards and the impressive stalactites and stalagmites and are sure to capture your attention.  There are bats living inside, as you might expect and a recent group of guests photographed a mottled owl just inside the cave’s entrance.

There’s time to look around and explore for an hour or so; then after a picnic lunch, along the river, its on the water for  2-3 hours and a well deserved, down-stream paddle back to duPlooy’s beach, with plenty of spots to stop for a refreshing swim along the way.

Interesting Note:  Flour Camp, by the riverside at the the bottom of “Flour Camp Hill” got its name back in the days when Mahogany was cut from forests along the river and floated downstream for shipping out of the country.  Four Camp is the place where the loggers’ supplies were dropped.

Owl near entrance to cave
Owl spotted near cave entrance

Flour Camp Cave Snapshots